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Terms and sales conditions

1) Application of the General Sales conditions
1.1) General sales conditions described below (hereafter called “General Conditions”) govern contractual relations between the users of the website and juridical owner of the site, Mfrwheels – Division of Narmec S.r.l., via Frigessi, 2/1, 34147 Trieste (Italia) C.F. and P. IVA IT 01191940327 registered at the Trieste “Registro Imprese” (R.E.A.) with number 0131517 (hereafter defined as "Mfrwheels").
1.2) These General Conditions are the only applicable and they substitute all other conditions, except for  preliminary dispensations, expressly written.
1.3) Mfrwheels could sometimes need to modify some of the regulations of the General Conditions; customers are therefore invited to check General Conditions before visiting
1.4) Validation of an order implies the tacit reading and agreement of the General conditions published in the website at the time of the validation.
1.5) Mfrwheels reserves the right to refuse any clause and/or file attached to the purchase order which opposes or adds new elements to General Conditions stated in

2) Sale prices
2.1) Prices displayed on shop are Vat included.
2.2) Products sold by Mfrwheels will be invoiced in Euros, Vat included, at the price expressed at the moment of the order validation.
2.3) Mfrwheels reserves the right to modify its prices anytime, in accordance with the General Conditions and of the laws in force.
2.4) Products will be invoiced Vat included. In case :
- a company or
- an Italian company fiscally qualified as Regular Exporter
should be interested in purchasing Mfrwheels products, they should contact Mfrwheels sales department by e-mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it to estimate taxes that should be applied.

3) Payments
3.1) Except for specific written agreements between customers and Mfrwheels, the company accepts the following payment methods:
3.1.1) Bank transfer, which has to come from the invoice holder. Specifications:
IBAN: IT26 G057 2802 2058 0857 0759 568
AG.5 - Via Flavia -  TRIESTE
Owner of the account: Narmec S.r.l.
3.1.2) Credit card Paypal or Postepay
This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it has to be indicated as seller’s e-mail. Payment will have to be simultaneous to the purchase order.

4) Products availability
4.1) Customers will have to ask Mfrwheels for products availability at the moment of the quotation or at the moment of the order validation.
4.2) Customers have the possibility to cancel their order in case products are delivered over 4 weeks later than the time announced.

5) Shipping – delivery – shipping costs
5.1) Unless the customer gives specific written indications, Mfrwheels selects the forwarder agent.
5.2) Shipping costs for Italy are free.
5.3) Shipping costs for the rest of the world (all countries except for Italy) vary according to the country of destination.
5.4) Transportation of the products is made at the recipient’s risk and danger.
5.5) Transportation insurance can be provided upon request at the customer’s expenses.
5.6) When products are delivered, customers have to verify that the packaging is in good conditions and they should state any reservations to the courier according to the schedule set forth by law.
Warning: such wordings as “verification/control reservation” have no legal value towards forwarder agents or insurance companies
5.7) Customers are requested to provide evidence of the lack/ malfunctioning of the products ordered.
5.8) Mfrwheels commits itself to do its best  to respect the delivery schedule but it will not be held responsible, in any case, for delivery delays or for any damage caused by this.

6) Complaints
6.1) If products should not be conform to the invoice, the costumer will have to inform Mfrwheels, describing the fault which has been found. This procedure has to be done within 3 days after goods delivery, by e-mailing This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
6.2) A copy of the invoice will have to be imperatively attached to the customer’s complaint.
6.3.) No complaint will be accepted unless all conditions above are respected.

7) Sending back products to Mfrwheels
7.1) Products can be sent back to Mfrwheels only after a preliminary agreement, validated by Mfrwheels.
7.2) Shipping costs for sending back products are paid by the customer.
7.3) Products sent back to Mfrwheels will have to be in perfect conditions, packed with care in the original box. Accessories have to be sent as well, no modification has to be done to serial numbers, stickers or prints and brands have to be undamaged, so that Mfrwheels will be able to sell those products to other customers.
7.4) Products will have to be sent back to Mfrwheels after sales service at the address Mfrwheels – division of Narmec S.r.l. via Caboto 23, 34147, Trieste (Italy).
7.5) If the customer should send products without Mfrwheels agreement or if products should not be sent according  to the conditions above, Mfrwheels has the right not to collect them: products will be then sent back to the customer, at his own expenses.

8) Warranties
8.1) Products sold by Mfrwheels benefit from conformity warranty for 2 (two) years, starting from the products delivery date, see community directive n° 99/44/CE of May 25th 1999 about some features of sales and goods warranties.
8.2.) If legal conformity warranty can be applied to the products at issue, shipping costs will be refunded to the customer.
8.3) Regardless of the problem, products will have to be compulsorily shipped to Mfrwheels together with a copy of the invoice.
Warning: warranty will not be applied to repair damages brought about by external causes (such as accidents) or by a mistake made by the customer (such as an installation which does not comply with the product’s specifications or an installation that should be dangerous for it).
8.4) If the repair service in not covered by warranty, Mfrwheels will provide a quotation for the repair service.
8.5) For any further information about the after sales service, please contact This e-mail address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it
8.6) Warranty provided by Mfrwheels does not cover:
8.6.1) abnormal/ non standard use of the products
8.6.2) breakdowns caused by unauthorized repairing
8.6.3) breakdowns caused by accidents and external causes
8.7) Mfrwheels will issue a quotation for the repairing service. Should the quotation be accepted, the customer will have to pay through bank transfer. If the customer should renounce to the repairing service, he will be charged for executive costs.

9) Advertising
9.1) Customers will not suggest that they act on behalf of Mfrwheels because this would imply Mfrwheels authorization.
9.2) “Mfrwheels seller” “Mfrwheels store” and similar terms will have to be used without giving the impression that Mfrwheels has any interest or responsibility in the customer’s business management.
9.3) Mfrwheels brand will not be used without a preliminary written agreement made by Mfrwheels.
9.4) If a customer should want to advertise his products, he would have to ask Mfrwheels to obtain its permission.

10) Limits of responsibilities: damages
10.1) After confirming the purchase order to Mfrwheels, customers implicitly accept that Directors, Managers, employers and all Mfrwheels staff have no responsibility for any damage derived from the use of the products sold.
10.2) Customers accept that this responsibility exemption is complete and is applied to any kind of damage, including direct damages with no limitation, indirect damages, compensative, special, accidental, mortal and consequential damages.
10.3) Mfrwheels will not, in any case, be held responsible for any kind of loss, damage, direct or indirect, for whatever the cause might be.
10.4) Customers will not claim to benefit from a discount if invoices will correspond to an incomplete delivery or if products should be flawed.

11) Property of the products
11.1) Mfrwheels is the only owner of the products until full payment of the order is received.
11.2) No (financial) bills - nor any titles which imply the customer’s obligation to pay - will be accepted as a means of payment.
11.3) Even if Mfrwheels is the exclusive owner of the goods until the customer settles the payment, the customer is the only responsible of the products and possible damages or losses.
11.4) If the customer plans to sell or deliver products to a third party, he should notice Mfrwheels first.

12) Controversy and responsibility
12.1) If there should be a contestation and this should not be solved between the customer and Mfrwheels, such contestation will come exclusively within the court of Trieste (Italy) jurisdiction and the Italian laws will regulate it.

13) Intellectual properties
13.1) The content of the website (pictures, texts, names, brands, videos, etc.) is property of Mfrwheels.
13.2) Any copy, total or partial, of the content of, with any means - on any support - is subject to explicit authorization from Mfrwheels.
13.3) Information, content, files and software offered are protected by Italian laws and by international laws about intellectual property and copyright.
13.4) Mfrwheels cannot provide the permission to copy, distribute and display any part of the website for which it does not have intellectual property rights.
13.5) Using contents, thus violating Mfrwheels rights, constitutes forgery offense, which is severely punished by the Intellectual Property Code.
13.6) Mfrwheels cannot be held responsible in case of a third party’s rights are violated.
13.7) Mfrwheels will not hesitate to bring to the appropriate juridical sites hackers and counterfeiters, and it will ask the court for compensations for material and moral damages suffered.

1.a) Mfrwheels provides its customers with information available at the website without any expressed guarantee, implicit or explicit, about the suitability or relevance of the information about the motorcycle brand or model.
1.b) Mfrwheels reminds that no modifications should be applied to one’s motorcycle unless a qualified mechanic had previously checked and approved the vehicle, stating that it is safe and conform to technical regulation and that it meets the laws of the Country where it is homologated. This should happen before putting the vehicle on public streets.
1.c) Information contained in is correct but the author and the editor do not provide any guarantee, explicit or implicit that such information is free from mistakes not that such information satisfies  individual needs of the products use.

Customers are warned that assembling motorcycle components is a professional intervention and it should be done in a machine shop or equivalent place, having:
2.a) the motorcycle’s repair handbook,
2.b) necessary tools
2.c) indispensable technical skills, or
2.d) the help of motorcycle mechanic

If a customer decides to ride a special motorcycle, modified motorcycle or if modifications are envisaged, Mfrwheels informs about the following:
3.a) Some countries allow modified vehicles to go on public streets; in other countries this could be illegal but it could also be legalized after the owner sets the vehicle in conformity with local regulations; regulations vary from country to country.
3.b)Tthe owner of the vehicle has the responsibility to make sure about the correspondence and to make sure about the acceptability of the modifications set on the vehicle, in accordance with laws in force in that county.
3.c) As a consequence, before riding a modified motorcycle on public streets the owner will have the responsibility to present the motorcycle to a homologation control at the Department of Transportation or to an equivalent organization; after this the motorcycle could be homologated as “special vehicle”.
3.d) All products designed, manufactured and sold by Mfrwheels in store are classified as “Competition Only”, exclusively destined to be used for races and in closed circuits, unless different information is given while purchasing the product.
3.e) Mfrwheels advises its customers against using the “Competition only” products on street, unless this is possible in the country of registration, according to procedures above mentioned (see
a.), b.), c.), & d.).
3.f) Mfrwheels advise against modifying the vehicle before verifying that such modified vehicle would be conform to technical regulations in force in the registration country or  before arranging its homologation as special vehicle; these verifications in fact should happen before going on public streets.