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The Company

MFR Wheels brand was born from a challenging project by businessman Fabio Nardin, renowned expert in the field of metallurgy and special alloys; founder of an established group that specializes in building and assembling precision components for marine engines.

This new brand is the result of his passion for motorcycling, expertise as a professional mechanic and the partnership with the leading motorbike wheel designer, Roberto Marchesini.

Unrivalled research and development and the collaboration with the most important teams and riders in the world has enabled MFR Wheels to launch a new benchmark for race wheel technology.

MFR Wheels capitalised on the latest materials and manufacturing evolutions, as well as the many designs and calibration refinements brought by each new racing season.

Constant technical support on the racetrack focused on specific needs and quick, reliable and winning solutions thanks to complete production autonomy are a hallmark of MFR Wheels and led us to new challenges.

Our unmatched level of technical support also enabled us this year to equip MotoGP World champion Jorge Lorenzo.

MFR Wheels are today the best wheels on the market; results show it, the world champion teams who chose them, confirm it.